Our Sectors

Salalah Flour Factory

The company has installed most modern state-of-the-art technology milling equipment supplied by Buhler AG, Switzerland. As the market and technology leader in the grain processing industry, Buhler equipment are relied by grain industry worldwide as they guarantee its equipment meet the highest standards. Our basic raw material is wheat. The company import about 400,000 MT of finest quality wheat from various countries such as; Australia, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Russia & India etc. The selection of supplier goes through stringent process to ensure quality and reliability. The present  Salalah Mills Co. is the biggest flour mill in Oman.

Presently the company can store about 228,000 tons of grain.

production capacity of Salalah Mills Co. is 1500 tons per day.

Salalah Grains International

n 2021 SMC launched one more division namely Salalah Grains International for the trading of Milling Wheat, Feed Wheat, Corn& Feed Barely in international markets with a representative office in Singapore. SGI will at all times ensure and demonstrate the safety and quality of its grains traded ininternational markets in compliance with the statutory requirements and follow strict GMP+standards intrading of feed products and other grains.

produce 100000 M/T per year.

production capacity of Salalah Mills Co. is 1500 tons per day.

Salalah International Plastic Industries

Salalah International Plastic Industries is the manufacturer and exporter of quality packaging solutions based in Salalah, Sultanate of Oman. Established in January 2017, SIPI produces various types of PP woven sacks from its newly constructed large manufacturing plant is situated in the Raysute Industrial Area, Salalah, Oman. SIPI is a DIVISION OF SALALAH MILLS COMPANY. (SOAG).

The current capacity of the SIPI’s plant can produce 11,400 MT / Year

production capacity of Salalah Mills Co. is 1500 tons per day.

Salalah Macaroni

SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY was established in the Sultanate of Oman in 2007 and began manufacturing and marketing dry pasta in October 2008 with the annual capacity of 36,000 metric tons scheduled for additional growth to 144,000 metric tons per year in phases, the infrastructure for which is already in place to expand the visibility and presence of SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY’S name by bringing value-added brand products to the market. With the experience and expertise of our technologists we will continue to explore global markets and position SALALAH MACARONI COMPANY as a robust and capable player in the global pasta market through the combined commitment of our professionals in developing new and innovative products.

production capacity of 50 Million bags per year.

production capacity of Salalah Mills Co. is 1500 tons per day.

Salalah Animal Feed

Salalah Animal Feeds (SAF) situated in Raysut Industrial Estate, Salalah, begun its operations in January 2022, under the subsidiary of Salalah Mills Co. Aiming to contribute to all the poultry and livestock farming needs of Oman and expand influence unto other neighboring countries. With the support of two of Europe’s highly reputable equipment manufacturers, the plant is acknowledged to be highly automotive and modernized, capable of producing 85000 MT feed annually, with 70% livestock feed and 30% poultry feed. With a second pellet line installed, this production capacity can be doubled to 170000 MT. Capable of producing feeds from a wide range of poultry and livestock. With poultry this includes broilers and layers. Livestock includes cattle, camel, sheep, and goat. The plant is further utilized in producing feed for zoo animals, laboratory animals and other game birds such as pigeons, falcons and more. Feed can be specialized and custom-made per individual request and specifications. The plant is additionally equipped with a grain cleaning and packing system for clean whole corn and barley to further meet customer needs. Clean hygienic environment is standardized within the plant and storage areas. Procedures are taken to be further maintained through regular inspections of the premises.

All feeds can be made available to customers through a range of offers. From bulk to specifically designed in high quality PP bags from a range of sizes from 30 KGs, 40 KGs, 50 KGs and 1 ton. Feed is produced freshly after a confirmed order; this ensures that fresh feed is always supplied, and quality of the highest level is maintained. The feed mill is ISO and HACCP compliant and is fully supported by a highly efficient full-fledged laboratory to test all incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products. Top of the range storage facilities are utilized for both finished products and raw materials. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are additionally followed and practiced. With careful selection, all raw materials are procured based on specification, certificates of analyses and sample approvals from highly reputable suppliers. First In-First Out (FIFO) is followed when handling raw materials. Currently all feed is being sold and distributed under the brand name A’ALAAF. All connected through one well established network of dealers and distributors across the entirety of Oman and exported to neighboring countries with the help of an efficient and experienced sales and marketing team.