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About Salalah Mills

Is a public joint stock company registered in the Sultanate of Oman on 25th September 1995. The commercial production of the company began on the first of January 1998. The company aims to produce and distribute the finest and best quality wheat products. The company’s wheat products cover the Sultanate markets, some neighboring countries and the countries of the African Horn.


The ambition of the constant delivery of the highest standard of quality products to its customers, teaching, training and equipping every individual to achieve its objectives.


Highlighting the brilliance and superiority using its distinguished vast services and qualities to elevate the standards of living locally and internationally. 






Salalah Mills

Products Brief

The company offers for the domestic market and export markets quality products to meet the needs of the consumers and it’s main products are: Bakers Flour, Arabic Bread Flour, Home Baking Flour, Atta Flour, Chakki Atta Flour and Semolina. Further more, the company produces; Harees, Jareesh, Brown Bread Flour, and Whole Wheat Flour in addition to animal feed such as wheat bran, barley, animal feed flour and a mixture of bran and barley. All are available in packages of different sizes fit industrial and home use.


The continuous emphasis on excellence, competence and high moral values in every aspect of life for the benefit of society to bring about harmonization, unity and joy.

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